A Mother’s Endless Love

Mother'sLove,  EndlessLove,  Son,  Miracle "No one else will ever know the Strength of my Love for you, my One and Only Child, after all you're the Only one who knows the sound of my heartbeat from the inside, ILOVEYOU Son!" It was in a cold December afternoon at the UST hospital when I was able … Continue reading A Mother’s Endless Love


To DO or not to Do

#SimpleJoy #Passion #Dilemma #Interest Do you believe that the more fussily busier you get about doing different things the better? Simply because you tend to create or discover something which maybe you haven't realized yet but the moment your curiosity roused, it brought about some good, positive feeling, a little enjoyment which you never thought … Continue reading To DO or not to Do

Celebrating “Birthright”

Family, Parents, Love, Memories Gratitude GOD Almighty, Holy Spirit for a Gift of another year and should i say MANY more years to come here on earth! (celebrated my natal day - July 24) After a Heavenly Blessing of another year here on Earth while at the same time counting my other Blessings, i was … Continue reading Celebrating “Birthright”

CHANGES is the only constant

Hey there! I'm here again, Newbie in here. .😊 #Changes #EverydayLiving #Family #Long Distance Relationship # Whenever I was motivated to grow and evolve, I get myself ready to welcome and accept changes coming into my Life.  In the process it makes me share a lot about myself, my likes, ideas and even my activities … Continue reading CHANGES is the only constant